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Students sit at their seats in the classroom and look forward to the teacher.

Empowering Students to Become Lifelong Learners

After the six years of primary school, our bilingual secondary school guides students from grade 7 to grade 10. Here we prepare students for their further academic path in the senior classes of our secondary school or for a challenging professional education.

Secondary School (7 to 10) Curriculum

The curriculum in the secondary school (Years 7 to 10) builds on the skills and capabilities gained at the primary level and is based on the Berlin state curriculum. With the transition to secondary school, students take on further responsibility for individual learning and are gradually prepared for the working methods in Years 11 to 13 of secondary school.

Bilingual Secondary School (7 to 10)

At SIS Berlin English and German are given equal importance, both as languages of instruction and interaction. Each subject is usually taught in one language – either English or German – for the duration of one school year. However, great care is taken to ensure that our students acquire subject-specific terminology in both languages and that the subjects are taught equally in German and English as far as possible.

In addition to the ability to intuitively participate in multilingual lessons, our students also acquire solid and hands-on IT skills.

Multifaceted Learning

Complementing school learning with extracurricular activities is an integral part of our concept.

The student interaction across all levels promotes a strong sense of community, which shapes school life in all areas.

Intermediate School Leaving Qualification

At the end of Year 10 students take the Mittlerer Schulabschluss examination (intermediate school leaving qualification) of the state of Berlin. They can then either start a professional education or continue their academic career in our secondary school (Years 11 to 13).

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Benchmarking Tests

Our students take national and international benchmarking tests in mathematics, German and English on a regular basis. The test results facilitate teachers in the performance analysis and enable management to benchmark our school against other institutions. Students also participate in international competitions in mathematics, history and other subjects.

Status of the School

Our secondary school (7 to 10) is a state-recognised private school and thus enjoys comparable status to public schools. Examinations and certificates are equivalent to those issued by state schools.

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What Sets Our Secondary School Apart

  • bilingual secondary school
  • state-recognised
  • Intermediate School Leaving Qualification after Year 10
  • learning by experience: enriching programme comprising of national and international learning activities
  • benchmarking tests

Student Life

Spaces that Invite Learning and Activities that Endorse Our Culture of Learning

Student Life

Spaces that Invite Learning and Activities that Endorse Our Culture of Learning

We are convinced that the place where students learn has a decisive influence on how they learn. We therefore place great importance on an open school space that provides a welcoming atmosphere to students, staff, parents and guests alike, thus creating a pleasant overall environment. We cultivate multiple signature school events and regularly participate in activities that involve all SIS schools around the globe.


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Four students are standing behind and above a blue wall, happily holding their arms in the air. On the wall is a graphic with two clouds containing the words "Schule, stress, lernen, Arbeit, homework" and "family, Essen, free, Freunde, Sport, health".

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