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Ukuleles hang in a row on the wall.

We Promote a Culture of Learning, even Outside the Classroom

SIS is a place of learning, in a holistic way. We care about the development of emotional, social skills as much as about the acquisision of knowledge. As a day school, we are committed to doing everything we can to support children as they grow up and to provide a valuable complement to their family life. This includes a lunchtime meal option, before- and after school care, homework supervision, as well as other exciting activities.

Before- and After-School Care

Before-school care from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., as well as after school care from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., are available to all students at SIS Regensburg.

Starting at 7:30 a.m., children can arrive and get ready for the school day. During after school care, the children can choose from a range of leisure activities (reading, painting, playing, etc.) and after school clubs or they can enjoy and relax outdoors. Children are supervised by a member of staff at all times.

After-school care can be booked on a daily basis. The costs are not included in the school fees and can be found on our price list.


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All SIS Regensburg students have the option to sign up for a hot lunch – a meal enjoyed collectively in the well-lit and friendly atmosphere of our cantine. Each lunch menu is attentively put together so as to offer a healthy and balanced meal that also appeals to children.

Lunch is available from Monday to Friday and can be booked for an additional fee. Alternatively, your children may also bring food from home, to be eaten in the shared space.

Before or after lunch, there is time for the children to have fun and play, generally outdoors or in our library. During the lunch break, there are always SIS staff members on duty to supervise the children.


We offer our students of all ages a range of extracurricular activities and clubs, allowing them to develop skills that complement their school work or offer a welcome change from the regular academic programme. Our clubs offer many different activities and can be booked for one semester. The costs of these clubs are not included in the school fees. Please contact our school office for more detailed information.


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Extracurricular Activities

For a Varied School Day

Extracurricular Activities

For a Varied School Day

As a school, we are committed to doing everything we can to support children as they grow up and to provide a valuable complement to their family life. This includes offers such as lunch, homework supervision, before and after school care, flexible drop-off and pick-up times, as well as a variety of exciting activities and after school clubs.


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Four students are standing behind and above a blue wall, happily holding their arms in the air. On the wall is a graphic with two clouds containing the words "Schule, stress, lernen, Arbeit, homework" and "family, Essen, free, Freunde, Sport, health".

"Sehr freundliche und engagierte Lehrer und Schulleitung. Ein tolles Schulkonzept mit Ganztagesprogramm. Unsere Tochter hat viel Spaß und für uns als (voll) berufstätige Eltern ist es eine fantastische Unterstützung. Die Schule (und auch bereits der Kindergarten) bietet einen sehr guten Mix aus akademischem Anspruch, Sport/Bewegung und sogar der Möglichkeit, Musikinstrumente zu erlernen. Und die Kinder wachsen komplett zweisprachig auf (Deutsch und Englisch)!"

Vanessa H., Mutter

"Our daughter was very nervous about going to SIS as a new student. The staff was very supportive of her and her family. She has acclimated nicely into the amazing school, which has a fantastic facility, in an incredible setting. The school has exceeded our expectations."

family from USA, parents

"Wir konnten keine bessere Schule für unseren Sohn finden. Alle handelnden Personen an der Schule sind sehr engagiert, sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Moderne Unterrichtsmedien, bilingualer Unterricht, Betreuung, wir können diese Schule sehr empfehlen."

Familie Cellarius, Eltern

"Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Schule, das ganze SIS Team ist sehr kompetent, freundlich und sie gehen sehr liebevoll mit den Kindern um, was meine Tochter spürt und der Grund ist, wieso sie so viel Freude in der Schule hat. Die individuellen Bedürfnisse von jedem Kind werden wahrgenommen. Die Erzieherinnen unserer Tochter geben sich immer viel Mühe und machen eine sehr gute Arbeit. Ein großes Dankeschön!"

Familie Müller, Eltern

" As an international and mixed family with homes in Romania, China, France, Norway and again Germany we are daily mixing cultures, languages, dishes, habits and especially lots of memories. And that makes the difference at SIS: we love to be at this school in the same mixed and international environment. We do believe that this is the way and THE big chance for our daughter and for the next generation to understand the world just as it is with different cultures, to grow up open minded and tolerant for a society with common understanding and respect. For us SIS is like the world in a nutshell – thank you to the team."

family Haufe, parents

"Choosing SIS has been the best decision we have made. Being an international family, Germany is the third country of our little girl at her short age and the school has addressed all her needs in such a personalized and caring way that she has been able to bloom with all of her colours. Teachers are warm, open and professional. We couldn't be happier."

Darinka and Tobias, parents

"Die proaktive, umfassende Kommunikation hinsichtlich aktueller Themen des schulischen Alltags von Seiten der Schule an die Elternschaft ist exzellent. Die Lehrerinnen und Lehrer sind sehr engagiert und haben sowohl die Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Schülerinnen und Schüler als auch der Klassengemeinschaft im Blick."

Alexandra Crede, Mutter

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