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Welcome to SIS Swiss International School Berlin. We would like to invite you to get to know our school – at one of our information events or virtually.

SIS Berlin Preschool for Children from the Age of 3

SIS Berlin Preschool offers space for 40 children in two groups. Boys and girls are accepted from the age of three. The smaller children enter the Owl Group. Children in their last year of preschool move into the Penguin Group, which prepares them for primary school.

Pedagogical work in our preschool follows the guidelines of the State of Berlin and additionally incorporates SIS-curricula. The latter apply especially to the children in the Penguin Group. Children are prepared for primary school with the help of the SIS reading, writing and IT curricula as well as the State of Berlin’s requirements.

Staff at the SIS Berlin Preschool engage with children in equal parts in English and German. Each preschool teacher speaks to children in his or her native language. This is part of the immersion method, which allows children to learn both languages in a playful and casual way. Whether children already know one of the two school languages or both, they quickly get used to the bilingual concept and easily find their way around the languages. Speaking the previously foreign language always follows understanding it first.

Each preschool group has two large group rooms at their disposal, which are equipped with activity corners. There is also a generous outdoor area. The SIS Berlin campus offers children many opportunities for activities indoors and outdoors. The campus includes a large park, a gymnasium and a library.

At SIS Berlin, children can remain in the same environment from preschool to secondary school. This close collaboration between the different school levels has many advantages.

Sports at SIS Berlin
SIS Berlin main building

Welcome to Primary School

The SIS Berlin Primary School provides engaging and multi-faceted education for students grades 1 through 6. In primary school, we focus on the academic advancement of the child, as well as their social-emotional development. We foster a growth mindset in our pupils to provide a solid foundation for their growing independence.

Students are encouraged to take risks, to explore collaboratively, and to steer their own learning on their educational journey. Our five tenets guide teachers and students through our quest for knowledge: Respect, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Compassion, and Honesty (REACH).

The Road to Graduation

Secondary school at SIS Berlin fosters students’s abilities in grades 7 to 13 in the subjects required by the State of Berlin. Students entering SIS Berlin Secondary School without prior knowledge of German or English will have the opportunity to catch up to their peers through additional language classes.

As an Integrated Secondary School (Integrierte Sekundarschule), SIS Berlin teaches students with different educational backgrounds and abilities, who are seeking to achieve one of the following degrees:

- Berufsbildungsreife (lower secondary general education certificate) graduating after grade 9
- Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss (intermediate secondary general education certificate) graduating after grade 10
- The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma graduating after grade 12 or 13
- The German Abitur (A-Level) graduating after grade 13

Due to smaller classes, SIS Berlin is able to offer individual education that ideally fosters talents and abilities and supports a close engagement of staff, students and parents.

Applying different interactive and integrated lesson methods, SIS Berlin seeks to provide a holistic education. These include group work, holding presentations, taking part in debates, role play, poetry competitions, experiments, excursions and school trips.

The sweeping SIS Berlin campus with its own wooded area, large green spaces, basketball field and several playgrounds offers ample space for students to exercise and be active in fresh air. The outdoor areas are also used for PE lessons and extracurricular activities in the afternoon.

Lessons at SIS Berlin
A student giving a presentation at SIS Berlin