SIS Berlin

Where bilingualism thrives naturally.

SIS Berlin is a bilingual day school offering English and German as equally important languages of instruction. Throughout their holistic development from preschool to graduation, SIS students benefit from the school’s ideal learning environment. Our campus is an idyllic park on the western outskirts of Berlin.

Dear parents,

Scientific studies show that bilingualism or multilingualism foster a number of positive skills, including the ability to concentrate, develop empathy or work out alternative solutions. Strengthening these abilities is one of the central objectives of our bilingual approach to learning, which is embodied and conveyed through the daily work of our competent teaching faculty.

The SIS Berlin comprises a preschool, a primary school, a middle school and a university-preparatory upper school, which concludes with the Berlin Abitur. Academically motivated students will have the option of completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) in addition to the Abitur.

As a day school with additional supervision times in the morning and afternoon, SIS Berlin reaches out to families from the greater Berlin area (we offer a shuttle bus), as well as to internationally mobile parents seeking to provide their children with a first-rate education in an intercultural setting. If you are considering enrolment at SIS Berlin, please contact our school office for a campus visit and a personal interview. We look forward to meeting you. 

Björn Freitag, Ph.D.