Language acquisition that begins early, is carefully guided by experts and happens in a natural environment, leads to life-long competence.

“The sooner, the better” – a proven fact when it comes to learning a language. In preschool, children are at an age when their language is particularly susceptible to outside influences. This is why it is important for them not only to practise the second language, but also to actually use it naturally to engage with the world. As a result, preschool will prove to be a varied and exciting time for both children and parents.

Our bilingual Preschool offers a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment. The children are supervised by native German- and English-speaking teachers, with German and English used alternately.

Language is acquired through the immersion method, which enables children to fully delve completely into a language and thus helps them quickly find their way in our international community.

SIS has developed a unique curriculum for children in this age group. It comprises six areas of learning, whose educational content is based on the regulations and standards of the curriculum of the respective federal state and supplemented by international elements.

Our Preschool curriculum consists of the following six areas:

  • communication, language, reading and writing
  • numeracy and mathematical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • creative development
  • physical development

Our Preschool is the ideal preparation for the transition into the bilingual SIS Primary School.

Smiling kindergarten girl at SIS Swiss International School
Children swinging at SIS Swiss International School