Secondary School

Whether the Abitur or the IB – the school-leaving certificates leave our students free to follow whichever educational path they choose.

At our Secondary Schools, we prepare students for the German Abitur and, if desired, for the globally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB).

SIS Swiss International School's bilingual Secondary Schools are private all-day schools that offer targeted preparation for completing a university entrance qualification.

At SIS’s bilingual Secondary Schools, teaching is based on the curriculum of the respective German federal state. English and German are equally important, both as languages of instruction and in other parts of daily school life. Each subject is taught exclusively in one language for the duration of at least one academic year. We take great care to ensure that the overall distribution of lessons in German and English is as equal as possible and that students learn the relevant subject-specific terminology in both languages.

When they graduate, our students should be able to attain the German Abitur school-leaving certificate and, if desired, the International Baccalaureate (IB). This opens up a variety of opportunities for SIS students to pursue further education and professional experience at home and abroad.

College student at SIS Swiss International School
Chemistry lesson at SIS Swiss International School