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Dining Etiquette Workshop

Kindergarten Primary School Varied Lessons SIS Schönenwerd

Ms Diehm’s dining etiquette workshop at SIS Schönenwerd empowered students with essential life skills. Read more.

At SIS Schönenwerd, we were fortunate to have Ms Diehm conduct a dining etiquette course for each of our classes.

The workshop began with a comparison of global customs, as mealtime etiquette varies from country to country. Through interactive sessions designed for the different age groups, children were taught essential skills such as table posture, closed-mouth chewing, and the proper use of utensils. In addition, the older students were taught how to set a festive table (including napkin folding) to promote a pleasant dining experience. Furthermore, Ms Diehm highlighted the significance of dedicated mealtimes without distractions, such as electronic devices, to create a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience and encourage mindful eating. Through these discussions, the students recognized the importance of fostering a positive food environment not only at school but also at home.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Diehm for her dedication and believe her workshop will make a lasting contribution to our students' lives.