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Kindergarten Primary School Varied Lessons SIS Zürich

Read more about the wonderful reading event that we held in Kindergarten and Primary.

In April of this year, SIS Zürich held a reading afternoon for the Kindergarten and Primary classes. The students were asked to bring in favorite books from home to share with their friends and fellow students and we had a wonderful and overwhelming response!

The classrooms had different themes (for example: the story time room, the dark room, the tent room etc.) and the students were free to move around with their books to read, share and even read aloud to others. It was a truly positive and successful event and the children enjoyed sharing their love of books with all ages, teachers included!

In addition, we ran a book order in cooperation with Scholastic that many students partook in and we as a school raised money for our own library. 

We are looking forward to repeat our success next year – with many new books.