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Students Clean Up Fellbach

Local Impact Sustainability SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

Wallets, tires, bike locks, broken bottles and much more...

On Wednesday 15 March, a group of students from the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach sustainability team (now called the "Go Green or Go Home" team) took time out of their days to help clean up the area around school and Fellbach Bahnhof for an hour and a half. The clean up was in partnership with City of Fellbach. 

We found a diverse arrangement of objects, such as wallets, tires, bike locks, broken bottles and much more. In total, they were all able to fill up around seven full bags of trash in the allotted time. The students described taking part in the team as a great experience. It was eye-opening how much trash is present at train stations, and all around us in everyday life, which is usually overlooked and not noticed until you take a closer look.

Diego Dreher, SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Year 9 Student