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How We Balance

Primary School SIS Männedorf-Zürich

Recently our Year 1 students at SIS Zürich-Männedorf have been learning about balance.

The main goal of this unit is to explore and understand balance in relationship to our bodies and objects. 

In our initial discussion the children brainstormed the following key ideas: scales, see-saw, light, heavy, balancing on a beam and weights. 

The children have been practicing different balance poses, experimenting with larger and smaller points of balance. They have also worked collaboratively in small groups creating human balance poses. They found this particular exercise a lot of fun! 

In the coming weeks the children will delve deeper into this topic and look at balance whilst moving and by building structures that balance using repurposed materials. 

The children are particularly looking forward to our Bike and Scooter Balance Day where they can bring in their bikes and scooters, and "balance" whilst riding in the playground.