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100 Days of School

Milestones and Achievements SIS Schönenwerd

100th day of school marked with an assembly as students perform catchy chants celebrating our school community.

It was the 100th day of school, and everyone was looking forward to celebrating this milestone at the assembly. But this was not going to be any ordinary assembly. Instead of sitting with their classmates, the students were assigned partners from different grade levels to form mixed-aged groups.

After brainstorming ideas, each group performed their catchy chants about the first 100 days for the rest of the school. Some were silly, with exaggerated gestures and funny rhymes. Others were more serious.

But no matter the tone, all the cheers shared a common thread: they were celebrations of the community that had formed within the school. The students had come together, worked collaboratively and learned from one another. And their willingness to be partnered with peers from different grade levels, showed their kindness and openness towards others.