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12 Years of SIS: Looking Back from a Future Graduate Perspective

SIS Regensburg Milestones and Achievements

Frizzi Hobrack tells us about her journey at SIS Regensburg.

"Hello everyone, I’m Frizzi and I have been a part of the SIS community since 2010. I must say, it has been quite a privilege getting to grow up in this family.


That’s what SIS essentially is for me, a family. Some of my teachers have known me since the first grade and have watched me grow up. Because I have been here for over a decade, they have had a major influence on me. Usually, it isn’t as common for students and teachers to have such a close relationship, but that’s the beautiful thing about this school: we care and look out for one another.


Since we are a comparatively small community, we all know each other very well. I was able to form strong friendships with people from all over the world, an experience I never would have had if I had chosen a different school. SIS Regensburg has really become a home to me.


Throughout ups and downs, I have stuck with this school. It has been incredibly nice seeing the school community grow and being able to say that I have been a part of it for such a long time. Seeing as we are a small, yet close community of students and teachers, I’ve gotten quite attached to this environment. It feels like a second family to me.


Besides forming such strong bonds, spending twelve years at SIS allowed me to really internalise the English language in particular. I probably never would have learned English to the extent that I have in this school anywhere else.


Growing up here has shaped me into the person I am today, and it is and has been such a comfortable environment to learn and spend my days in. For sure, it was difficult seeing classmates come and go and always remaining in the same place as before. There were times when I felt stuck and thought, if everyone else is leaving, maybe I should, too. In hindsight, I am incredibly glad I stayed and never actually followed through with such ideas.


If I had gone to another school, I never would’ve met students from all over the world, I never would’ve learned English to the point where I now find myself dreaming in English and most importantly, I wouldn’t have been part of this family. Each and every day I appreciate being a part of it.


It is such a wholesome feeling knowing that I have grown so close to the students and teachers here at SIS. There are little moments in particular when my appreciation surfaces, like when teachers, students and I have inside jokes from years ago and whenever we notice how much we have experienced together and get to reminisce about the past years. It is something I never would have had if I had gone to another school.


I am grateful for having grown up in this school and for having such amazing people with me along the way. I am even happier that my sister, who joined the SIS preschool three years ago, is also a part of the school community and is in a way following in my footsteps. I am thrilled that she will get to grow up in this family too and benefit from it as much as I have."