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Get to know SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

Welcome to SIS Swiss International School Stuttgart-Fellbach. We would like to invite you to get to know our school – at one of our information events or virtually.

The SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Preschool

Welcome to the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach preschool. A total of 40 children between the ages of 3 and 6 learn and play together in two groups in our inviting attic rooms, supervised by a team of international education specialists.

At SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Preschool, we are applying a bilingual concept that immerses children in the language. Every day, they hear, speak and learn English and German in equal parts. Our morning circle, for instance, alternates between German and English.

Our preschool follows the guidelines of the State of Baden-Württemberg for preschools and also the SIS-specific curricula, which set a special focus on reading, writing and IT. A child’s progress and development are documented in a portfolio. We write down his or her personal learning journey and document special occasions and situations for every child. To prepare for primary school, the older preschool children keep a writing portfolio in literacy and visit with their collaborating teacher in primary school once a week.

Semi-annual parent-teacher meetings ensure a constant exchange about the child’s development and learning process. Each child is issued a report each semester, which evaluates six key areas of learning.

A structure of daily rituals provides security and a feeling of safety for children. Activities take place in set intervals and are prepared to ideally suit the children’s age. Parents are always kept informed. In the afternoon, SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach offers reading sessions and music.

Children are introduced to preschool in several steps and very carefully with the parents‘ participation. We strive to create a pleasant, appreciative learning environment and atmosphere that allows children to grow, learn and prosper in the best possible way.

IT in preschool at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach
Reading in preschool at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

Welcome to Primary School

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Primary School offers places for students in grades 1 to 4. Currently, there are 170 students in primary school and our teachers come from all corners of the world and bring expansive international school experience into the classrooms.

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Primary School provides students with the ideal learning environment for the immersion into both school languages. All subjects are taught in both German and English, covering the State curriculum of Baden-Württemberg and the SIS curricula. SIS schools have their own reading, writing and IT Curricula. Each grade level has its own English- and German-based classrooms and the students alternate between them during the day. All Primary students have 30 lessons taught per week.

Students have a balance of lessons and free or play time during the day. Double lessons are followed by a minimum of 30 minutes break time outside in the playground.

The Road to Graduation

Lessons at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Secondary School follow the bilingual concept of SIS Deutschland. Students will be taught in one of the two languages for one year in one subject. In the next school year, the subject is taught in the other language. This way, the boys and girls develop an extensive vocabulary. All subjects are taught in the teacher’s native language. This way, the immersion method continues to be applied in secondary school.

Students without previous knowledge of German or English can catch up to their peers with intensive courses at the beginning of the school year. At SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, the focus isn’t only on bilingual education, but also on science and art. Excursions and project work are regularly part of school life.

At SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Secondary School, students graduate with the German Abitur and additionally, if they choose to, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

A student graduating from SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach
Music lessons at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach