SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

A modern, international campus with a kindergarten, primary school and secondary school all under the same roof.

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, the oldest of the six German SIS schools, has an excellent reputation in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. At our school, an international team of native-speaking teachers cater for an international education with local insight, from preschool through Abitur and IB.

Dear parents, dear students,
the modern campus of SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, centrally located near the S-Bahn station (local transport system), offers an ideal and calm environment for the implementation of our bilingual concept.

Our bilingual private school opened in September 2008, and student numbers have since grown steadily. Instruction is in English and German – both languages have equal status in the classroom and in all other areas of school life. Students as well as teachers come from different countries around the world and bring diverse international experiences with them which enrich school life. This ensures that our bilingual concept can be experienced inside as well as outside the classroom.

Primary and Secondary School of SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach have full state recognition, allowing the school to hold its own examinations. In addition, the SIS Secondary School has been recognised as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, giving it the right to offer the IB Diploma Programme alongside the Baden-Württemberg Abitur (German qualification for university entrance). For our graduates, the combination of Abitur and IB broadens their academic perspective in Germany as well as abroad – an opportunity unique to the metropolitan area of Stuttgart.

The school’s structure which offers all-day supervision provides families with the basis for reliable planning and makes sure that the children and adolescents are optimally taken care of. Before and after school care is possible between the hours of 7.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Should you be interested in our programme, please contact us to receive further information. I look forward to meeting you personally. Please call the school office to arrange an appointment.

Dr. Marc Schnichels, Ph.D. 


This film describes the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach. Enjoy watching it!