Status of the School

What you should know about the legal status of the school.

The Primary and Secondary School and the Reception Programme of SIS Kassel are officially approved as Ersatzschule (an Ersatzschule provides courses and qualifications comparable with those offered at German state schools). Teaching is in accordance with the relevant state curricula. Students attending our Primary and Secondary School or the Reception Programme automatically meet the German requirements for compulsory school attendance.

SIS Kassel primary school is fully recognised as an Ersatzschule and therefore equal in all respects to state schools. SIS Kassel Secondary School holds the status of state approved. For the future, SIS Kassel is seeking full state recognition as an Ersatzschule for its Secondary School as well. Full state recognition can be applied for once schools have successfully completed a trial period of several years. 

Please note the following important information:

  • At SIS Kassel, curricula, grading systems, promotion regulations, etc. comply with the requirements for Hessian state schools.
  • For admission to SIS Kassel the student must fulfil German public school admission requirements for the corresponding school level. As soon as your child enters the Reception Programme, he/she needs to meet the requirements for compulsory school attendance – independent of its age. SIS Primary School students need a recommendation from their primary teachers for admission to SIS Secondary School which is based on the criteria for admission to a corresponding state school. For admission to SIS Secondary School, the student must submit a recommendation (Übertrittszeugnis) from their German primary school or have documentary evidence that they have passed an admission examination for German state secondary schools leading up to university-entrance qualification (Gymnasium). 
  • Until SIS Kassel Secondary School has been granted full state recognition, the school cannot issue official progress reports. Progress reports  issued by SIS Kassel Secondary School during this period provide general guidance only. Primary school recommendations are issued by SIS Kassel.
  • In cases where a student of SIS Kassel Secondary School wishes to transfer to a public school or a fully state recognised private secondary school (Gymnasium or Realschule), an admission examination is usually not required.
  • Until SIS Kassel Secondary School has been granted full state recognition, the school cannot hold in-house examinations leading to the recognised German educational attainment qualifications. As long as the Secondary School has the official status of a state approved, but not yet fully recognised Ersatzschule, students can complete state recognised exams only under special conditions (Externenprüfung). Progress reports issued at the end of grade 9 and 10 will not automatically be equivalent to the corresponding school leaving examinations (Mittelschulabschluss and Mittlere Reife respectively). Those exams would have to be completed under special conditions unless the school has already received full state recognition.

For further information regarding the status of the school, the regulations for admission and the transfer to and from other schools, please contact the principal.
International families who are not familiar with the German school system are strongly encouraged to contact the principal for further advice.