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Get to know SIS Ingolstadt

Welcome to SIS Swiss International School Ingolstadt. We would like to invite you to get to know our school – at one of our information events or virtually.

Welcome to Primary and Secondary School

The SIS Ingolstadt Primary and Secondary School celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year. Its school building at Stinnesstraße comprises large classrooms with plenty of space to learn, exchange ideas and relax.

All classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including projectors and SMART-boards. Of course, there are also sufficient sets of laptops and tablets not only to be taken home by students during lockodwn, but also to be used in the classroom as way to educate students in the application of different media.

SIS Ingolstadt school life takes place in two languages and is characterised by a cultural diversity we are very proud of. Our unique school concept enables children to get to know German culture and also cultures from around the world. Students joining the school with a command of only one or none of the school languages German and English are quickly immersed in the languages and pick them up naturally due to their presence in all aspects of school life.

Studying at SIS Ingolstadt does encompass classes in the main subject of the Bavarian curriculum, but also additional learning opportunities like study time in the school’s library for older students or exercise and relaxation units. These are also part of the curriculum.

Once regular lessons finish for the day, supervised homework periods are open to all. There is also optional supervision for the late afternoon until 6 p.m., when students have time to play together or spend time at the library to study on their own.

Small class sizes allow us to ideally cater to students’ individual needs. Additional, we offer an intensive language course for German or English in the first half of the school year so children not yet familiar with one of the two language have a chance to catch up to their peers. This way, children do not have to visit an external language school in the afternoon, but acquire language skills in a familiar setting.

SIS Ingolstadt Preschool for Children from the Age of 3

Our preschool consists of three pedagogical groups for children at the age of 3 to 6. We have the Turtle Group, Frog Group and Penguin Group. Each group experiences a bilingual atmosphere and a range of cultures which we pride ourselves on.

Our unique preschool allows for children to learn not only about German culture, but cultures from all over the world. Each group follows the six areas of learning that SIS Swiss International Schools have adopted:

• communication, language, reading and writing
• mathematical thinking
• personal, social and emotional skills
• getting to know and understanding the world
• creative development
• physical development

The Turtle Group and the Frog Group are for children aged 3 to 5 years old. We start each day with a morning circle in either German or English, which is then followed by a lesson that pertains to a specific theme we are learning about. Children learn to socially engage with other children as well as developing necessary skills to prepare them for school academically and physically. In addition to morning circle and accompanying activities, individualised learning is very important to us. Throughout the year, we set the focus on seasonal topics as well as a letter, a shape and colour of the month.

The Penguin Group is for children aged 5 to 6 years old and here they are preparing for school. Lessons focus on developing the key skills essential to scholarly success including listening, attention, emotional resilience, and early literacy and numeracy skills.