Snowflakes, polar bears and penguins

Wonderful Winter Arts and Crafts at SIS Ingolstadt

In Class 2 we have been busy decorating our classroom with some Winter pictures and crafts.

The Winter landscape pictures look just like real Winter landscapes! They really brighten up our classroom!

Winter Landscapes

Before we started the snowflake paintings, we looked at some pictures of different snowflakes. Did you know that every snowflake is different and has a different pattern? We painted our snowflakes using white paint and a very thin paintbrush.

Snowflakes Snowflakes

The polar bears were very easy to make. We first painted the background and had lots of fun mixing different colors together. We then cut out the polar bears. We stuck them onto the paper by sticking some paper tabs on the back to create a 3D picture. We learnt that polar bears live at the North Pole.

Polar Bears Polar Bears

To make the little penguins we colored the penguins and then cut them out and stuck them together. We watched a short film about penguins and learnt that they live in the South Pole and in South Africa, Australia and in South America.

Penguins Penguins