Developing and nurturing social skills, strengthening school spirit and a sense of community, and providing support for working parents.

Eating the lunchtime meal together brings us closer, is a time to relax and invites us to exchange experiences and ideas.

Students at SIS Berlin eat lunch together in our cafeteria. The preschool children eat in their own facilities.

Meals are supplied by an external service provider who puts together a lunch menu that offers children a healthy and balanced meal they will enjoy. If you would like to sign your child up for the school lunch, you make an agreement with the service provider directly. Contact information is available at our school office.

Alternatively, your child can bring lunch from home to eat at school during lunchtime.

Either before or after lunch, the children have time for fun, games and rest, usually outside. Children are supervised throughout the lunch break by a teacher or member of staff.

Students at lunch at SIS Swiss International School
Student at lunch at SIS Swiss International School