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2023 IB Visual Art Exhibition

Gymnasium/Sekundarschule Meilensteine und Erfolge SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

Art at its finest

The IB Art Exhibition gives the participating students an opportunity to deal with a real space and work towards a public reception of their work.

There is a real difference in the mind set of a student making artwork for a classroom assignment vs. making artwork for a gallery space that will be viewed by their peers, friends, and family. The students of this year's IB exhibition displayed levels of perseverance and grit during the installing phase of the exhibition that I rarely ever see in the classroom. The IB class of 2023 should be very proud of their visually powerful exhibition and all the interesting conversations sparked in the presence of their artwork, after all, anything can be art. It is whether it is worth talking about that makes it socially valuable.

Themes on display included, Slum Architecture, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self-criticism Awareness of plastic waste, LGBTQ+ and Hindu Astrology.

Peter Koelsch, SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Art Teacher