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SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Staff Professional Development Day

Meilensteine und Erfolge SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach teachers come together for a professional development day, gender identity training and team building

On Saturday 6 May, the teaching staff at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach came together for a Professional Development day, which involved a workshop, team building activity and a barbecue. 

During the day, teachers were introduced to gender identity, the rights of a child, how to support those involved and where to gain support. Healthy discussion took place and teachers were able to talk openly about identity and concerns. The training was delivered by Profamilia in Waiblingen, who provide social support to families. 

The afternoon was filled with team building activity, a barbecue, which involved all and a viewing of the coronation of King Charles III. A fun and informative day!