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SIS Best Essay Award 2022

Gymnasium/Sekundarschule Meilensteine und Erfolge SIS Friedrichshafen

1st place: Sarah Springer, SIS Friedrichshafen

Annually, the SIS Swiss International Schools Group honours the three best extended essays from graduating students. The written assignments originate in the context of the final examination corresponding to the Matura, Abitur or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam. The topics of the extended essays differ greatly. However, their common denominator is their presentation of an independent, autonomous piece of reflection and research, captured in a 4.000 word paper.

This year, students in the final year of SIS schools located in Rio de Janeiro, Basel, Zürich, Berlin, Friedrichshafen, Regensburg, Stuttgart-Fellbach and Ingolstadt could take part, but only the best-graded assignment per location was submitted for the SIS Best Essay Award.

All three essays in the ranking display an in-depth study into the respective topic that exceeds expectations. We are proud of the students’ commitment and passion that culminated in these excellent papers. We would like to acknowledge the three students as well as their teachers, who supported the students in their extensive research process.

For the first place, it was a tough decision between Sarah Springer from SIS Friedrichshafen and Yasmina Stolber from SIS Basel. Sarah has achieved the highest grade in her Abiturarbeit and in her Abiturprüfung. Additionally, she contributed in various and impressive ways to the school community. SIS Basel also handed in an excellent essay. Yasmina Stolber achieved a remarkable result and graduated with exceptional overall grades. At the end, the candidate from Germany made it.

In third place is Prisha Kapoor from SIS Regensburg and in fourth place Ana Luiza Longo from ESB Rio de Janeiro.