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SIS Berlin Model United Nations Conference - Gouda

Gymnasium/Sekundarschule Abwechslungsreicher Unterricht SIS Berlin

Year 10-11 students from SIS Berlin travelled to the Netherlands to take part in the Model United Nations

In February, SIS Berlin students from Year 10 to 12 traveled to Netherlands, where they participated in COMUN. This is the Model United Nations (MUN), which allows high school or university students to reconstruct the real procedure of United Nations sessions. Weeks before, students were assigned to different countries with a topic to research. At the actual MUN the students are then referred to as delegates of their assigned nations, and act accordingly. Students were expected to hold speeches, question other delegates, engage in lobbying and use the proper MUN terminology. 

The students, therefore, develop their research, analytical and communication skills. More importantly, MUN allows students to understand the procedures of the United Nations better by experiencing them first hand. Additionally, MUN provides students with the opportunity to engage with other students from around the world at COMUN 2024.

Themes discussed included, Slum Architecture, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self-criticism, Awareness of plastic waste, LGBTQ+ and Hindu Astrology.

COMUN 2024 was a great experience, beneficial and enjoyed by all who attended. 

Victoria Mestrom, SIS Berlin Year 12 Student