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Our Incredible Global Food Sharing Day Recap!

Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Schönenwerd Kindergarten Primarschule/Grundschule

We are absolutely thrilled to look back on the incredible success of our recent Food Sharing Day in January 2024!

This was part of Ms. Strang’s Primary 4 unit on Different Cultures Around the World at SIS Schoenenwerd. It was a heartwarming celebration of diverse cultures and flavors that left us all with full stomachs and even fuller hearts.

The event was a true culinary journey around the world, thanks to the amazing dishes brought by our students. Their traditional family recipes on the tables overflowed with an array of mouthwatering delights.

Parents' participation made it truly memorable, and we were touched by the love and effort put into each dish. Thank you for sharing your heritage and making this event a huge success!

If you missed it this time, don't worry; there will be more opportunities to celebrate our diverse and delicious world together. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Below, you can find a great and easy dessert recipe typical in both Germany and Switzerland called Cold Dog or Kalter Hund that was a hit in the class:



250 g butter biscuits, such as Petit Beurre

200 g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces

200 g milk chocolate, broken into small pieces

150 g coconut butter

200 g heavy cream

30 g vanilla sugar

A bit of rum extract

Optional: Candy sprinkles


• Line a loaf tin with baking paper or cling film.

• Boil the heavy cream without allowing it to come to a boil.

• Add the chocolates and the coconut butter to the saucepan with the cream. Combine and stir constantly until entirely melted. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

• Gradually add the vanilla sugar and rum extract and stir to combine. Remove from heat.

• Spread the base of the tin with chocolate cream. Cover with a layer of butter cookies and spread with cream again. Layer all the ingredients in this way, chill in between as required, and finish with a layer of cookies. Cover and chill for approx. 6 hours.


Here’s to the power of unity through food!