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Comics and Graphic Novels

Grundschule Zweisprachigkeit SIS Frankfurt

Book Week: An Immersive Bilingual Experience

During our book week in May 2023, students were introduced to various books in English and German. In addition, they had the opportunity to attend illustrating and writing workshops in which interactive learning and bilingualism played a central role. After all, bilingualism refers to the ability to speak two languages fluently and effortlessly switch between them. Our book week included external speakers, competitive components, student initiatives and parents’ involvement to provide a variety of immersive bilingual activities to pique students’ interest in books and literature.

Authors and Illustrators Visit: Enriching the Book Week

To kick-start book week, we welcomed illustrator Irene Mennen-Berg who conducted a fantastic illustration workshop. During her engaging workshop, Irene read her books to the students and guided them through the process of planning the illustrations. In addition, students had the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity of creating their own book cover. We also had another exciting visit from children’s book author Barbara Pinke who gave us two readings catered to different age groups. It is always inspiring for our students to be in touch with local artists and authors who have similar international backgrounds as they do.

The topic of “comics and graphic novels” was explored in greater depth in English and German classes during the following days. A graphic novel corner was set up in the library, a poetry competition was held on the theme of friendship, and the children had the opportunity to share their favourite books in both languages with their classmates.

This year’s book week ended with a costume competition where the children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters.

Bilingual Learning in a Fun Way

Besides attending classes in German and English in day-to-day school life, it is valuable to provide students with an immersive bilingual experience through events like book week. This way, the school can offer a fun environment to encourage students to actively participate in various activities and simultaneously practise both languages.

Lorene To, Lea Müller and Nadine Auth, Primary School Teachers