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Happy Halloween!

Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Regensburg

Trick or treat in kindergarten, primary and secondary school

During the last week before the Autumn break, the school community celebrated Halloween. The festivities took many forms, from a pumpkin competition in kindergarten, in which the parents and the students could show off their creative sides, via a haunted healthy breakfast in primary school, and a haunted house in secondary school.

The student council organised a spirit week that all students could take part in. Monday there were many Halloween animals in the house, whilst Tuesday the school looked very beautiful dressed in autumn colours. Wednesday was all about scary hair and Thursday, every class could decide on their own theme. The staff also joined in with the faculty coming dressed as Gothic Horror Teachers. On Friday, there were many different costumes to be seen around the building and the school spirit was out in full force! Thank you to the parent council who supported us with a haunted healthy breakfast in kindergarten and primary school – the food was scarily good!

The students partook in a variety of learning activities throughout the day, centred around the Halloween theme and in the afternoon, they went trick or treating.

It was a great event and brought the school community even closer together!