Einschreibung Kontakt

Einschulung 2023

Grundschule Meilensteine und Erfolge SIS Berlin

SIS Berlin welcomes the new Year 1 students

Welcome Year 1 to SIS Berlin!! We had so much fun celebrating our new scholars at the Einschulung ceremony! The 1a and 1b classes got to meet new friends, their new teachers, Miss Thomas and Frau Mohs, and explore their Year 1 classrooms. The English and German classrooms were specially decorated and the students got to showcase how well they can write their name (see if you can find them on the display!). The families got to write a wish star for their child and add it to the wall of wishes, which is now outside the Year 1 classroom for everyone to see. After seeing the classrooms, the Year 1 students were ready for the best part ­– receiving their Einschulungstüte! The differences in colour and decorations in the school cones showcased the variety of personalities our new students have. The Year 1 students were so excited at the Einschulung and we are just as excited for them to join our primary school and have an absolutely wonderful and incredible time in Year 1! 

Rebecca Thomas, Year 1 Primary Teacher SIS Berlin