SIS students pass on SIS Cup

Challenge cup goes from SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach to SIS Kassel

Last week, a team of young athletes from SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach once again travelled to the SIS Cup, from which they returned as victors last time. The SIS Cup is an international sports tournament taking place annually at a different SIS school. One team from each school participates, the winner takes home the challenge cup. This year, the SIS Cup took place at SIS Friedrichshafen.

Although SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach was unable to reclaim the top spot, they once more participated successfully, coming in fifth in the team ranking and being awarded individual achievements, such as first place in the girls’ mile rund and second place in the table-tennis tournament. The SIS Cup, which is passed on from winner to winner and had found a home at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach for the last twelve months, will now take up residence at SIS Kassel.

In a year’s time, the students of SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach will have another chance to reclaim the trophy, at the fifth SIS Cup at Pfäffikon-Schwyz.