Language acquisition that begins early and unfolds in a natural environment leads to life-long competence.

“The sooner, the better” – a proven fact when it comes to learning a language. It is precisely at the preschool stage that children are at an age when they are particularly receptive to language influences. This is why it is important not only to practise speaking both languages often, but also to use them naturally in daily life. As a result, the preschool years will prove to be a varied and exciting time for both children and parents.

Our private, bilingual Preschool is open all day from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We work in two groups for children aged three to six years. There are twenty children to a group. They are supervised by German- and English-speaking educational staff, who use their native languages to communicate with the children. In this way, German and English are spoken in almost equal measure throughout the day at our Preschool, and the children naturally grow up bilingually. Here, the children receive the ideal preparation for attending SIS's bilingual Primary School.


Languages and Science as Areas of Focus

Our work in the Preschool at SIS Regensburg is based on the state kindergarten curriculum, as well as on the concept developed by SIS, which includes six areas of learning. The focus is on learning about appropriate topics through play and discovery. Our educational staff encourage and support the children's spirit of discovery and expertly supervise their explorations and experiments – in English and in German, of course.

Our programme is rounded out by regular field trips in the area, play, sports and movement in our school building or outdoors.


Rooms and Facilities

The rooms of the preschool are located in their own section of our school building and have direct access to the outdoor area, which has been designed especially for children's use. Our youngest children feel very much at home in the group rooms, in the experimentation and arts and crafts room, as well as in the gymnastics room.

Außenglände Kindergarten
Girl with backpack in the coat rack at SIS Swiss International School
Boy drawing with colours at SIS Swiss International School