First School Day

An exciting day for our first graders.

On tuesday, 11 September 2018, we welcomed our new first grade class with a special ceremony. The students of grades 2, 3, and 4 were very excited to meet the new students.

The second graders were paired with a new student in a buddy system, to show them the ropes and make sure that the new environment is not too scary. The whole primary school sang a song to welcome the first graders.

Afterwards the first graders and their parents went to the first grade classroom, where they were welcomed by their classroom teacher and the classroom mascot, Konstantin.

They immediately felt at home in their new surroundings, and having settled in, the parents were given the opportunity to mingle separately.

For many the first day passed very quickly. For others not quick enough; many were excited to see what was hidden in their Schultüte, but that had to wait until after school.

We wish our new first graders a wonderful and exciting year, filled with lots of fun and new knowledge and skills.