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Get to know SIS Kassel

Welcome to SIS Swiss International School Kassel. We would like to invite you to get to know our school – at one of our information events or virtually.

The SIS Kassel school yard
SIS Kassel at dusk

Our Reception Programme for Children at the Age of 5

Our reception programme is open to children at the age of five. Usually, children move on to primary school at age six and enter first grade. This age is especially beneficial for language acquisition in German and English, as children approach a new language without any inhibitions at that age.

Clearly-defined learning goals and a lesson plan with different subjects as in primary school are the corner stones of the reception programme. Children are introduced to letters and numbers and learn through play. Often times, teachers approach topics across different subjects using many different teaching methods.

Students playing during break at SIS Kassel
IT plays an important part at SIS Kassel

Welcome to Primary School

Our state-approved primary school is currently run with two classes per grade. All classes have an English-speaking and a German-speaking homeroom teacher, giving lessons in their respective mother tongue.

The SIS Kassel Primary School follows the State of Hesse’s core curriculum, which is supplemented by SIS-specific curricula. These focus especially on reading, writing and IT. All students receive their own MS Office 365 account upon entering the school. Essential aspects of IT are laid out in lesson plans and taught regularly. At primary school level, this is done across all subjects.

The Road to Graduation

At our secondary school, the goal is for students to graduate with the German Abitur after 9 years. Additionally, students will be able to graduate with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Right now, the secondary school at SIS Kassel runs from grade 5 to grade 8. Every year, the school continues to grow and the students now in grade 8 will be our first graduates in a few years. At secondary school, one subject is usually taught in one language for one year.

Students entering SIS Kassel not in the reception programme or in primary school can catch up on language skills with intensive language courses at the beginning of a school year and their language acquisition is further supported by additional language lessons throughout the year.

SIS Kassel is equipped with a state-of-the-art science laboratory, has its own gymnasium and specialist rooms for science or art classes.

Laptops and tablets are available in sufficient numbers and regularly used in IT lessons and other subjects.

The SIS Kassel school library
The science lab at SIS Kassel