Secondary School

Whether the Abitur or the IB – the school-leaving certificates our students earn leave them free to follow whichever educational path they choose.

SIS Ingolstadt's Secondary School offers the preparation for two attractive school-leaving certificates – the German Abitur and, if desired, the International Baccalaureate (IB). With the German Abitur or the IB , there is no limit to the educational opportunities available to our students.

At the bilingual, private secondary school at SIS Ingolstadt, English and German are given equal weight. Each subject is typically taught in one language – either in English or in German – for the duration of one school year.

German- and English-speaking teachers – who are usually native speakers – teach at our Secondary School. All teachers are state-approved and either completed their teacher training in Germany or have an equivalent qualification.


Areas of Focus: Bilingual Education and Sciences

We teach according to the Bavarian curriculum for eight-year secondary schools with a focus on the sciences. In the interest of a solid and broad education, we focus not only on bilingualism, but also on mathematics and the natural sciences. We conduct science projects on a regular basis, both as part of normal lessons as well as at off-campus locations.

Art, music and athletics are also an integral part of our private school. Our art room provides the space where imaginative works of art are created and then exhibited on school grounds; our athletic field is a place where various ball sports can be played and practised.


Certificates: Abitur and IB

Our students graduate with the Bavarian Abitur. However, as a recognised IB World School, we also offer them the opportunity to simultaneously obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB). In years 11 and 12, students follow an integrated programme that prepares them for both sets of exams. The academically challenging combination of Abitur and IB is only offered at a handful of German schools, making it one of the distinct benefits of attending SIS.


Access to Universities across the World

With the IB, your children earn a university entrance qualification that prepares them very well for university studies, especially in the English-speaking world. The Diploma Programme is characterised by three distinctive features. The subject area Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) gives students the opportunity to engage actively in arts, sports and community service activities. The theory of knowledge course teaches students to develop independent and critical thinking skills. And by crafting the extended essay, they practise the methods of academic work extensively.


State Approved

The secondary school at SIS Ingolstadt is a state approved private school. Please take note of this important information on the school's status.

College student at SIS Swiss International School
Talking students in the classroom at SIS Swiss International School