Secondary School

Whether the Abitur or the IB – the school-leaving certificates enable our students to follow whichever educational path they choose.

SIS Friedrichshafen’s Secondary School offers the preparation for two attractive school-leaving certificates – the German Abitur and, if desired, the International Baccalaureate (IB). With the German Abitur or the IB, there is no limit to the educational opportunities our students can pursue.

SIS Friedrichshafen's bilingual, private Secondary School is an all-day school with lessons from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. as well as optional early care starting at 7:30 a.m. and afternoon care until 6 p.m.

English and German are given equal weight at our school. Each subject is typically taught in one language – either in English or in German – for the duration of one school year.

German- and English-speaking teachers – who are usually native speakers – teach at our Secondary School. All teachers are state-approved and either completed their teacher training in Germany or have an equivalent qualification.


Areas of Focus

We teach according to the Baden-Württemberg curriculum for eight-year secondary schools. In the interest of a solid and broad education, we focus not only on bilingualism, but also on mathematics and the natural sciences. We have project days and weeks on a regular basis covering mathematical or natural science topics. But art and sports are also an integral part of our private school. Diverse works of art are created in art class; gym class takes place in our own gymnasium. Excursions and class trips foster school bonding and enrich our school life.


An International Experience

Students and teachers representing many different nationalities, cultures and languages live and learn together at our school. We encourage our students to be aware and respectful of cultural, social, physical and linguistic differences. A variety of activities carried out in mixed-age groups on the topics of internationality and global citizenship help open our eyes to the world and to look beyond our immediate environments.


Certificates: Abitur and IB Diploma

Students will graduate from SIS Swiss International School Friedrichshafen with the Baden-Württemberg Abitur. However, as a recognised IB World School, we also provide the opportunity of simultaneously earning the International Baccalaureate (IB). In years 11 and 12, students follow an integrated programme that prepares them for both sets of exams.

The academically challenging combination of Abitur and IB is only offered at a handful of German schools, making it one of the distinct benefits of attending SIS.


State Recognised

Our Secondary School is a state recognised private school and thus enjoys equivalent status with public schools. Exams and school reports, in particular the Abitur exam, are equivalent to those issued by state schools.

Please take note of this important information on the school's status.

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