SIS Friedrichshafen Comes Back to Life

More students return to the classroom

On Monday 18 May 2020, Grade 4 students returned to join Grade 11 and 12 back at school at SIS Friedrichshafen.

For the staff, hearing student voices again in the school building was a great relief and brought colour back into their daily duties. The classes in Grade 4 have been able to uphold the social distancing and hygiene measures with ease, though the more traditional form of frontal teaching and fixed seating in the classroom will pose a challenge to SIS Friedrichshafen’s normally very active and dynamic learning spaces.

The Grade 4 students were overjoyed to see their friends and teachers again. When asked who was more relieved about the school opening, students unanimously declared that they themselves carried a bigger burden during distance learning than their parents. We will allow students this discretion though we remain doubtful that their parents would agree.

Everybody at SIS Friedrichshafen is now looking forward to welcoming back the rest of the students after the Pentecost holidays.

Students in the SIS Friedrichshafen courtyard