World leaders for a Day

SIS students from four schools participate in Lake MUN

In October 2018, SIS Friedrichshafen hosted students from SIS Berlin, SIS Regensburg and SIS Ingolstadt to participate in a Model United Nations conference at Zeppelin University (ZU). The conference, LakeMUN, is a simulation of the United Nations and is organised at ZU by students from the Club of International Politics, e.V.

The 2018 LakeMUN, similarly to other United Nations conferences, is designed to allow students to take on roles of world leaders, diplomats and delegates from a specific country by representing them in a United Nations simulation. The representation of the leaders extends to committees, debates and negotiations. For a large portion of the conference, students are working within committees to discuss specific topics. Discussion is geared towards an end goal of passing resolutions that are beneficial to each country. This is where the conflict arises as all delegates and their respective countries have diverse interests and agendas.

At this year’s LakeMUN, 28 SIS students joined a group of 68 students from all over Germany to debate and bring forth solutions on topics within the theme of ‘Global Good Governance’. Among this rather large theme, students discussed the following subtopics: measures to counteract the social and humanitarian crisis resulting from rising sea levels or the assessment and renewal of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to confidently speak on behalf of their countries, students had to commit to an extensive amount of pre- MUN conference research and a process of familiarisation on a range of diverse topics. For many, adopting a stance of their assigned country, which usually differed from their nationality, was a challenge, but also an opportunity to change perspectives and achieve a broader understanding of global issues.

Although LakeMUN is primarily run by students of ZU, they also rely on a certain level of support from the participating delegates and their schools. For example, every one of the SIS schools taking part in LakeMUN appointed one student to organise travel plans, accommodation and be the lead communication point with the Organization Committee, as well as be a contact person for their fellow students at the event. This latter role is very significant, especially for those new students who rely heavily on their fellow students during their first MUN experiences. SIS Friedrichshafen’s lead student, Shayan Kharazi, took on a similar role last year in the school’s first year of participation. After such a positive and successful experience last year, he was identified as a student to be included in the LakeMUN Organizing Committee. This placement for Shayan on the committee led to an even greater involvement of SIS schools in this year’s MUN conference. Overall, all students, those organising and those participating, greatly enjoyed their time at LakeMUN and profited from experiencing democracy and global politics first hand.