Fun Run for Puerto Rico

On Wednesday, 20 September 2017, hurricane Maria made direct landfall on Puerto Rico drenching it with feet of rain. I was lucky enough I didn’t have to experience the horrible disaster because I was focused studying in Germany. However, my family was in Puerto Rico and had to go through it. My parents didn’t have light nor water for three and a half weeks and I didn’t have communication with them for around four weeks. Luckily everything came back to normal in my house before my whole community. Up to this day my parents have to give my neighbor a cable through the gate where she can at least charge her phone and have a little electricity. My whole community is destroyed with broken trees and garbage containers thrown around the streets. Other than that, my family is doing great now and they are staying positive lifting Puerto Rico up because it will be better than ever.

Many people created organisations to make Puerto Rico rise again by donating money or simple donations like paper towels, canned foods, water, etc. It really helps our people because most of the island got hit pretty bad especially those living in wooden houses. They were left with nothing and the only way for them to survive was with the canned foods they had prepared. People living in those conditions are one of the main reasons others started organisations.

Giving and not expecting back is one of the first things I learned growing up. In the long run everything you give will come back in the best ways possible and that’s what everything is about in SIS. The SIS community raised money by doing a Thanksgiving activity to support Puerto Rico. I think that was a great opportunity to raise money and help people dealing with severe situations, especially the island. I’m very thankful for the SIS kindness and generosity towards Puerto Rico. I appreciate the positive influence from everyone involved in this issue. I never thought there would be a moment in my life where my school gives to people in need and helps in some way possible. Last but not least, I’m grateful for everyone who was part of this activity and made it happen. Everything thanks to SIS.

Beramy Ame Ramirez, Student at SIS Friedrichshafen

SIS Friedrichshafen Fun Run

SIS Friedrichshafen Fun Run 2017











SIS Friedrichshafen Fun Run 2017