Fun with online lessons!

New Lockdown, Established Solutions

The students at SIS Frankfurt are taking the new lockdown in their stride and are enjoying their online lessons: the teachers are very successful in creating a varied teaching program for the students who are not present, in which no one is missing out: whether it's reading lessons and arithmetic or dance and fitness exercises in front of the laptop - the students are accepting the changeover with astonishing naturalness and are already speaking and acting in the virtual space with the same impartiality as in the analog classroom.

This balancing act was not always easy for the teachers before Christmas, who actually had to teach a "hybrid" lesson (analog for present learners and at the same time digital for distance learners) due to the special path in Hesse (abolition of compulsory attendance), but they are growing with the task and are also discovering new, motivating teaching methods and interaction opportunities in digitality.

Online lessons at SIS Frankfurt