Chick Hatching

in Primary

Six eggs were placed into the incubator on Tuesday 17th April. The children regularly visited the incubator and made sure that the temperature was correct and that the eggs had been turned enough times. On Tuesday 8th May, one egg hatched into a beautiful chick. The children watched the process of the chick hatching and visited him in our school library. The students decided to name him Peepsy following a whole class vote. Peepsy has now returned to the farm that he originally came from.

A special thank you goes to the parents who helped with their donations - eggs, feed and bedding, incubator etc. This was a fantastic experience for the children, one of which they will treasure and remember into their adulthood.

The following comments are snapshots of what our grade 2 students said following the arrival of Peepsy:

"The chicks needed 21 days to hatch in the incubator" (Hana)

"One egg hatched on Tuesday. The eggs had to stay in the incubator to keep warm. When we were near the chick we had to be quiet." (Maya)

"The chicks needed to be in an incubator. The temperature had to be between 37.5-38.5°C." (Mohammad)

"The chicks needed to be warm, otherwise they would not have hatched. When the chick hatched, we had to keep him in his incubator because his wet skin needed to dry." (Marlin)

“They needed to keep warm. When he came out, we gave him a place where he could feel at home. He must have water, chick feed and soft bedding." (Mica)