Donation to African Kids

Building Schools in Kenya

Part of the SIS educational concept is to raise awareness among our students about how privileged our western life is, compared to other parts of the world where less fortunate children grow up under totally different circumstances. International mindedness, which includes an understanding and appreciation of such differences, looks beyond the most obvious factors setting western countries apart.

For the third year running, SIS Berlin has been donating the proceeds of various school events to a charity which aims to invest only in sustainable long-term projects. African Kids e.V. is a private sponsorship initiative which was founded in 2015. Since then the charity has helped to establish several schools in rural Kenya where many public school projects would otherwise remain underfunded.

At SIS Berlin we are glad to have found this partnership because it is a deeply meaningful one. Our winterfest had generated 1.020 EUR, which the house captains were proud to donate to African Kids during the morning assembly on Monday, 08 January 2018. Mrs. Sauer, one of the founders, was overjoyed to receive our donation, which will be put to excellent use to install things like solid floors, furniture, bathrooms or water tanks at certain Kenyan schools. The spirit of sharing and giving to those in need is indeed a beautiful one. The desire to do good, and to make the world a better place, is also a powerful force which we aim to strengthen and diversify through our teaching and role modeling here at school.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this success.