New Edition of SIS News Germany

Everything about Bilingualism at SIS Swis International School

Bilingualism at SIS means true bilingualism, one that is lived to the fullest. The two school languages, German and English, shape every aspect of school life in equal measure. In accordance with the immersion method, the children and students dive fully into both languages. With this approach, they learn to navigate life in both languages, naturally and with confidence. Both the scientific research and the experience we have gained at our schools have demonstrated that over the years, this leads not only to a level of near-native speaking fluency in a child’s second language. Growing up bilingually goes beyond this, fostering the child’s cognitive development, such as their creativity and ability to imagine alternative solutions and possibilities.

More specifically, being taught by native-speaking teachers who speak their language in lessons, in the school playground, at celebrations and on excursions ensures that the children gain much more than mere functional competency in a language. Rather, this type of immersion and exposure allows our students to gain access to the emotional and cultural dimensions of a language as well.

In this edition of our SIS News Germany, you can learn more about how our students’ and teachers’ bilingualism is lived out every day. We hope you find it this issue an enjoyable read.