Story Sharing Project

A Multilingual Voyage in Five Stories

The aim of the project was to strengthen the SIS international community through the use of a non-competitive activity. Five narratives were written in the four school languages of English, French, Portuguese and German.

Our task at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach was to write one chapter of a story, the other three chapters of the same story being written by other SIS schools. All book illustrations were designed and drawn by the children themselves.

Basically we received chapter one of the story from SIS Swiss International School Basel in February last year and then had four weeks to complete our chapter before sending it on to SIS Swiss International School Winterthur for the completion of chapter three. They in turn sent the story on to SIS Swiss International School Friedrichshafen to complete the final chapter. Of course all chapters had to interconnect making the task both difficult but challenging.

The children showed great enthusiasm and interest in this task and worked very successfully together as a group. They needed to brainstorm ideas, decide on priorities, write and edit. No easy task for 10 year olds!

Finally, in September this year we received the finished product in published form and it is now available at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach for any parents wanting to purchase the book.

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