Science Fair

Interesting Experiments and Demonstrations

Three external judges took part in our annual science fair this year: Jakob Dürrwächter and Manuel Bühler from the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, University of Stuttgart. and Dr Vasileios Filippou, a co-founder of Tetra-Tag company, a chemist and also a researcher at the University of Stuttgart. Three grade 11 students from our school also took part as co-judges, Sophie Dürstein, Vincent Christoph and Loretta Jacobs, who were paired with one of the external judges as they discussed and evaluated the projects and experiments that were there on display. This was a fantastic opportunity for our grade 11 students to network with people who are in the real research environment and it was definitely a learning experience for them. All three of our students expertly took care of their guests and behaved in an impeccable manner which reflected positively on our school ethos. The external judges were very impressed with them.

There were many good and interesting experiments and demonstrations that kept our judges and visitors busy and entertained. Due to the many viable projects and experiments, the judges found it really difficult to pin point two of the best works in each grade. Hence this year, we have special mentions as well.

After much discussion and deliberations, here are the winners of the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Science Fair 2018:

Grade 5
Winner: Rick Kazmaier
Runner-up: Jenish Dsilva
Special mention: Nora Genot and Georg Hartung

Grade 6
Winner: Vishal Bhat
Runner-up: Sophie Schrott
Special mention: Suteeksha Sharma and Vineet Keshav

Grade 7
Winner: Yuchan Lee
Runner-up: Johann Dittrich
Special mention: Rhiannon Golledge and Maja Aulfinger