Little Scientist's House

Preschool Awarded Title for the Third Time

The Little Scientist’s House certificate is awarded to preschools if teachers regularly take part in STEM-related advanced training courses and constantly work on and research the contents with the children. At SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, this takes place once a week in both school languages. Children enjoy the experiments and always discover new things.

In the Invisible Forces Group, for instance, we added a water molecule as our symbol. The children did an experiment with a dish of water, pepper and a drop of soap! Why does the pepper swim away? “Magic!” shouted one child. No, not magic…but the tiny invisible forces of science.

Kids move! This we all know. And what happens to our bodies when we move in certain ways and what sort of changes can we see and feel in ourselves all because of motion? The kids had a great time learning about their own forces.

SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Kindergarten ExperimenteSIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Kindergarten Experimente