SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach a part of “Fellbacher Weltwochen”

Students step up for a better world

Some of the students and teachers at SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach, coordinated and organised by science teacher Dr. Shashi Devarajoo, supported the events that kick-started the “Fellbacher Weltwochen”. A few students, parents and Ms. Ashworth took part in the “Kiddical Mass Cycling” event which was aimed at raising awareness about the importance of supporting a sustainable life-style which is the goal of the FWW. Guided by the local police as well as other local cyclists and members of the local Green party, they had an enjoyable ride from the Fellbach train station to the “Rathaus”, stopping in between at playgrounds. They were rewarded with a well deserved ice-cream and a T-shirt.

Meanwhile, rehearsals started at the “Rathaus” for the evening show. We had five poets from Grade 6 who confidentially recited the poem “Mikroplastik” written by German writer Rita Appel. We had her permission to recite the poem on this day. In the darkness of the hall and just with a torch light as a prop, the students brought the message about protecting and caring for our environment well across. The poetry session was then followed by a soulful, instrumental piece by our very own Grade 10 students. Both Merle and Anna-Katharina mesmerized the audience with their flawless performance on the violin and e-piano. The act was generously supported by popmusicschool of Fellbach.

After the show, there was a free buffet of Italian finger food. Once again, our students from grade 11 were there to support the catering team. They came prepared, dressed in black and white as waiters and waitresses and distributed the finger food among the guests as well as selling juices and water. The students who travelled all the way from “Kloster Lorch” for this event were accompanied by Ms. Poser and Mr. Hochweber and as the photos show, they did a brilliant job. The guests were very impressed with their attitude and impeccable manners.

“Fellbacher Weltwochen” continued the end of October, with students from SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach involved in several events, like World Food Day, where they cooperated with the local Weltladen, Fair Trade Org, local farmers and the charity Brot für die Welt, educating the public about sustainable and healthy food options.