Back to School

A return to normality in Covid times

Between 4 May and 18 May 2020, the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach Grade 11, 12 and 4 Students returned to normal classroom learning. Whilst previously the students enjoyed learning through digital online platforms, the return to school offered structure and normality to their education, and the chance to socially interact with their peers. All in the confinements of strict hygiene measures that include adapted lessons and breaks, 1.5 metres distance between desks, hand washing and disinfectant and the wearing of masks in the school grounds (not in the classroom).

The remainder of the students will return to school on 15 June, after the Pfingstferien (Pentecost holidays), combining attended classroom learning with virtual participation. While 50% of each class will attend the school on alternating days, the other students will participate in the lesson virtually, ensuring full student inclusion. This offers the students the chance to return to full-time study until the end of the school year, in a safe, healthy and structured environment. A long-awaited outcome for the SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach community.

Schülerinnen und Schüler halten im Unterricht Abstand an der SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach