IB Art Exhibition

The standard level International Baccalaureate (IB) visual art curriculum is a two-year course underpinning the core syllabus of communicating in the visual arts (processes involved in selecting and presenting artwork), methods of the visual arts (exploring and acquiring skills, techniques, and processes involved in making art), and the visual arts in context (culture, context and critical thinking in visual arts).

The standard level IB curriculum requires each student to create and submit between four to seven works of art for their IB exhibition. The students are also required to submit a curatorial rational of 400 words. Each student has to opportunity to explore any theme or topic of their choice during the two-year course, but the submitted work should display a coherent collection of artwork which fullfils the stated artistic intentions and communicates clear thematic and stylistic relationships across the individual pieces.

The visitors attending the art exhibition were quite impressed as the following quotes show: „Awesome pieces! Very nice experience!'', „Amazing achievement, everyone! You are all so creative and individual.“