Homophones – This Sounds the Same

Fun with Words at SIS Regensburg

Recently, Grade 3 students at SIS Swiss International School Regensburg worked on the topic of homophones. On the basis of spoken examples, the students had to identify what a homophone is. At word level they worked in pairs to come up with other examples. They read clues to figure out further examples, matched flash cards in table groups and finally put homophones into their own sentences. Listening, speaking, reading and writing was covered in just 45 minutes with the students achieving excellent progress. An expertly planned lesson supported every individual student in achieving their full potential. Well done to the students and their teacher!

Schülerinnen der SIS Regensburg arbeite an gleichklingenden Worten

Unterrichtsstunde an der SIS Regensburg

Ein Schüler an der SIS Regensburg schreibt in sein Heft

Schüler an der SIS Regensburg arbeiten mit Homophonen