Learning about conflict

Dirk Bayer, social educator, visits SIS Regensburg

In October 2018, SIS Regensburg was lucky to have the renowned social educator Dirk Bayer come and talk to students about the important theme of conflict and bullying in schools. Through dialogue and interactive theatre, he sought to illustrate, verbalise, and construct, with the students’ input, new possibilities as to how we can talk about what we feel and how we act towards others.


Parents and teachers also benefitted from his knowledge. Parents had the chance to discuss ideas and situations relating to conflict and ask Bayer questions at a parent teacher night. Teachers exchanged experiences and knowledge during a workshop, so as to raise awareness and gain new insights into how to approach such an important topic.


The informative three days that Dirk Bayer spent with the SIS Regensburg community made us feel better informed about how to act and react in difficult situations!