Book Week at SIS Regensburg

It's all about reading, from preschool all the way to secondary school

Reading forms an integral part of the school curriculum at Swiss International School. Books and reading are celebrated and form part of the daily school life from Kindergarten to high school. To celebrate International Book Day (which falls on 23 April 2019) and books in general, the annual Book Week took place at SIS Regensburg recently.
The week opened with the Book Character Costume Competition. Children were invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. They are also encouraged to bring the book that they are reading from home. During the course of the school day, the bell rang to indicate that children should take out their books and read for a few minutes, to enforce the idea of a community of readers. Primary school children paired up with their reading buddies in the afternoon to share a book.

Primary school children also listened to a German and English audio story, and were asked to draw a favourite scene from both these stories. This was to showcase to children that there is more than one way to “read” a book. Secondary school students went on a book treasure hunt – hidden around the school, 10 glass jars held clues to German and English book titles. The students had to solve the clues to determine the titles (extra point to those who could also name the author!).

Towards the end of the week, primary school students brought creativity to their own stories and created characters through art and writing. On the last day of the Book Week, all students had the opportunity to have a blind date with a book. Students were encouraged to bring a book from home, wrapped in brown paper, with a short description of the book written on the front, without naming the title or author. Grade 1 and 2 students drew a picture of what their book is about. Based on these descriptions, a book exchange took place between those students who brought a book to the blind date. Students then had the chance to read together before the end of school.

On the ground floor, Mrs. Ilchyshyna painted the beautiful SIS Story Book Tree. Students drew their favourite characters on leaves, and placed them on the tree throughout the day.