One-one-two, brings the emergency doctor to you!

Preschool kids learn about professions

The kids at SIS Friedrichshafen Preschool  all know this number now. When you dial 112 on the phone, you reach the emergency care facilities. They are there to help in severe or even life-threatening emergency situations.

Right after the Christmas holidays, a new semester in preschool began entitled "Jobs / Berufe". After some discussions and voting in the morning circles, the children chose the jobs they found most interesting and wanted to look at in depth. Special interest was expressed in being a doctor or vet, a skilled worker, professional athlete, fashion designer, pilot, firefighter, police officer, parent, or even princess. Since Prof. Dr. med. Volker Wenzel (anaesthetist and emergency physician with the Klinikum Friedrichshafen) is himself the father of one of the SIS Friedrichshafen preschool kids, he expressed keen interest in visiting the Sharks and Leopards, and telling them about his important and exciting job. He was also pleased about the opportunity for the school and hospital to work closer together to benefit the community.

Dr. Wenzel came to the SIS Preschool in his white uniform, complete with white clogs, his weighty red and yellow emergency jacket, and a friendly smile.  In both languages of the school (German and English) he replied to all the questions about health and emergency care, giving child-friendly answers. At the end of his visit, Dr. Wenzel gave each child a green surgical cap and a face mask to wear, in addition to other small items to expand the little hospital recently put together in the role play room. Katharina Macco, the head of preschool, said that "it's great for the children to take an in-depth look at such an important job."