Namibia Kids

New charitable cause for SIS Friedrichshafen

SIS Friedrichshafen has launched a program in cooperation with the Parent Council, with the organisation Namibia Kids. It helps schools as well as individual students in the West African country. Those supported are often vulnerable or orphaned children from impoverished backgrounds. Namibia Kids provides assistance with school fees, school uniforms, books, stationary and meals and supports schools with staff salaries, medical costs and setting up vocational training for students.

Students at SIS Friedrichshafen will have the opportunity to learn about this organisation and how it supports students and schools in Namibia. The aim is to turn the program into a first-hand experience and by raising cultural awareness and an understanding of the Drastic socio-economic differences amongst children across the globe. In addition, proceeds from Parent Council and school events throughout the year will go towards this organisation.